Tuesday, January 10, 2006

changes in the home territory

The Old Bugger came home from hospital early. I thought I had a whole week of telling the truth about his wonderful world of squalor, but instead there was a lot of tears and hugging and then I had to hide in the filing cabinet while he ran his rotten blog and yok yokked at his own jokes.

The Dog went craven and mad eyed and ran around its own stupid tail with delight because it meant regular food and walks not with the woman down the back who marches for miles and miles to fill her own empty life.

That cat keeps blogging on without getting caught. Dogs are easy to manage with a small box of pepper and a chatter of my vicious toxic teeth, but cats are more of a problem. They are indolent and patient both, corruptible with salmon, lacking a strategic sense.

Don't they realise that if the humans die they will leave several centuries of tinned food, packets and slowly rotting chocolate? While we can breed undisturbed and read all those science books and work out how to evolve the true master species?


Blogger Brownie said...

I hope this link works.

it goes to figurines of some of the weird little creatures which occupy nooks and crannies of Bosch paintings. They are sold at the London National Gallery Gift Shop for 20 quid each.
much love xxx jiwwodq

11:42 AM  
Blogger Brownie said...


worth the effort


11:46 AM  
Blogger Crystal said...

'cats are more of a problem. They are indolent and patient both, corruptible with salmon'
Osalmon Bin Thinkin has Suicide Salmon fitted with detonators to destroy the cat population. Goblins will then have no distraction from evolving into Absolute Rulers.Yours truly, Iicgpomq (hobgoblin strategist).

1:31 PM  

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